Haven’t heard of the word “Super Smart” or “Super Smart Society”† before?   

Imagine a world where unmanned tractors plow vast fields, automated buses and trucks transport people and goods, and avatar robots provide nursing care. This is the picture of the “Super Smart Society,  perhaps better known as “Society 5.0.” 

Tokyo Tech Academy for Super Smart Society, launched in 2020, aims to offer interdisciplinary research research and a new type of education.  In this course, you will learn about some of the undergoing research at Tokyo Institute of Technology in view of the “Super Smart Society”. 

Learn the basics of programming with Shogi × MATLAB! 

This is an introductory course (2023T3 version) for beginners of programming, taught by Professor Atsushi Takahashi, School of Engineering, and MATLAB TA. The basic rules of Shogi are explained in the course, so learners with no experience of Shogi can enjoy the course.  

During the duration of the course (5 weeks, plus some extra days), the MATLAB license will be issued by The MathWorks, Inc. Even those without the MATLAB environment will be able to have the full experience during the duration of the course.