AI video production workshop

~AI in Video Production and Editing~

The Online Education, The Academy for Super Smart Society, Tokyo Institute of Technology held an “ AI Video Production Workshop” on Wednesday, April 17, 2024, at the TAKI PLAZA, located at the entrance of the Ookayama campus.

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Eighteen students and faculty members interested in video production, which they are increasingly involved in through Instagram, YouTube, and conference presentations, participated both on-site and online.

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Video Production and AI Utilization

Dr. Makoto Urakawa, Director of SSS Online Education, led the first half of the lecture, which included the latest information on the flow of video production and the utilization of AI in video editing. In particular, many participants listened attentively to how far generative AI (Generative AI) can currently go in text, image, audio, and video generation, and the challenges it faces. Participants commented that it was a good opportunity to get a general overview of video production and that the cutting-edge information on the video market and open AI was interesting.

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Video Editing Experience

In the second half, following Dr. Urakawa’s explanation, participants used Adobe Premiere and Firefly to automatically generate cuts and transcriptions, and generate images using the generation AI. The participants were enthusiastically engaged in the editing process, with the online education TAs assisting those who were new to Adobe Premiere and checking the screen with each other.

The workshop was highly satisfactory, with participants sharing such comments as “I thought video production was difficult, but now I know it is easy with the use of generative AI,” “I enjoyed the video production by actually touching Adobe Premiere,” and “I am interested in video production and would like to find an internship. I am interested in filmmaking and would like to look for an internship.

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