1. Basic approach

Tokyo Tech Academy for Super Smart Society (hereinafter referred to as “SSS”) collects personal information on users of its websites (URLs starting with https://online.wise-sss.titech.ac.jp/, hereinafter referred to as “this site”) to the extent necessary for the efficient operation of the services provided on this site. The collected information is handled appropriately by SSS within the scope of the purposes of use in accordance with the rules and regulations regarding protection of personal information.

2. Scope of collection of personal information

This site automatically collects domain names, IP addresses, and session information.

3. Purposes of use of personal information

Information collected based on 2. above is used for website administration and website usage analysis.

4. Restriction on use and provision

The use and provision of personal information are regulated in accordance with the purpose described in 3. above. However, information may be provided to third parties in the following cases: when required by law, when unauthorized access, coercion, or other illegal activity has occurred, when prior consent from the principal party has been obtained, or under any other circumstances deemed extraordinary.

5. Secure management of personal information

SSS takes necessary measures to prevent any illegal access, loss, destruction, falsification, or leakage of collected personal information.

6. Scope of application

This policy applies only to this site. Other sites including those of research institutes within Tokyo Tech may operate under different site policies. SSS reserves the right to revise this policy when appropriate.

7. Points to Note

1. Social Networking Sites

This website makes use of social networking services (SNS) to aid the dissemination of information regarding the Institute’s education and research activities. These SNSs may receive user information (such as user identifier and visited sites) from this website through cookies, web beacons, and other technologies. The transfer of user information can occur simply by accessing web pages that contain SNS buttons and widgets embedded. In other words, buttons and widgets do not need to be clicked to initiate this transfer. Tracking codes are included in Facebook’s Share and Like buttons, Twitter’s Tweet button, and embedding codes of YouTube videos and SlideShare files. Information is also available at the Personal Information Protection Commission website (“Notes on the use of SNSs” [Japanese]).

Refer to the following links for the privacy policy of individual SNSs:

2. Opting Out of Third Party Data Collection

If you do not agree to the collection of your personal data by Google and other third parties, please access the links provided above and follow the instructions necessary to opt out.