SSS Online is an online education portal site operated by Tokyo Tech Academy for Super Smart Society, or SSS.

Place for Learning

SSS Online, in cooperation with the Super Smart Society Promotion Consortium, provides a place where more people can learn anywhere and at any time, not just on campus.

Knowledge Sharing

SSS fully utilizes online education to share with society the latest technologies and knowledge in physical space technology, cyber space technology, quantum science, and artificial intelligence that SSS has developed for the realization of a super-smart society.


  • MOOC (Massive Open Online Course):
    Free online courses from edX, a platform for 42 million Participants worldwide
  • SPOC (Small Private Online Course):
    On-demand classes delivered on-campus from Tokyo Tech’s T2SCHOLA platform.(Super Smart Society Innovation)

Online Education TAs

We are recruiting Teaching Assistants (TAs) at any time to assist with video recording, editing using Adobe Premier, graphic design, and animation production in our on-campus studios.

What is on-demand class?

It is a new style class that can be accessed anytime, anywhere, and as many times as you wish to take it.

SSS Online features lecturers who are active on the front lines of society with the cooperation of participating organizations in the Super Smart Society Promotion Consortium, a collaboration between industry and academia, and produces course content related to cutting-edge initiatives at the respective companies and organizations. The content is distributed on-campus via Tokyo Tech’s T2SCHOLA distribution platform, providing an environment in which students can freely take classes in between research sessions.


  • Seven-week micro-learning format
  • Omnibus lectures by multiple instructors
  • Assignments for each lecture
  • Online discussion with other students
  • Lecture PPTs are provided.
  • Instructor comments for each lecture