Super Smart Society Innovation A5:Production Process Innovation

~Specially offered degree programs for graduate students~

The Tokyo Tech Academy for Super-Smart Society, in collaboration with the SSS PROMOTION CONSORTIUM, has created a new On Demand Class, “A5: Production Process Innovation,” inviting lecturers from Fujitsu Limited, Yokogawa Digital Corporation, JTEKT CORPORATION, Kawasaki Heavy Industries, Ltd, TOSHIBA CORPORATION, and Mazda Motor Corporation, which represent the manufacturing industry in Japan.

Students can learn about actual examples of the use of digital technology and AI, issues in the manufacturing field, and actual approaches and implementation while watching lectures with videos provided by each company at the time they want to learn.

Additional Course Registration on Web

/Oct. 16 – Jan. 20 23:59, on WEB

Delivery on every Wed. (Dec.6, 13, 20, Jan. 10, 17, 24, 31)

Evaluation: Based on the students’ comments on the lecture assignments and/or the discussion between the students and the lecturer.